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About Us

Our Mission is to help anyone who aspires to be a Champion in life; with an emphasis to work with those who experience Special Challenges.

Champions Foundation of Arizona is a collective dream of two individuals, Ray Hughes (owner of Scottsdale Martial Arts Center) and Marlon Moore (Ray Hughes’ Sensei). In 2011 these individuals wanted to take steps beyond the daily work in their martial art schools to help those who struggle with various challenges.

After four decades of seeing how traditional martial art training positively affected the lives of their students, they wanted to go beyond and offer these experiences to those who experience mental, physical, or financial challenges.

Champions Foundation of Arizona has and will help financially or by instructing those who want to become a Champion in the experience of life.

Board of Director

Doug Jepperson
Debbie Heath


Ray Hughes

Vice President

Marlon Moore

Experienced, Compassionate Facilitators and Instructors

Chief Karate Instructor

Ray Hughes

  • Owner of Scottsdale Martial Arts Center
  • 40 years working with students of various special challenges, 7th degree black belt.

Assistant Instructors

Dr. Sam Sterk

  • Ph.D in Psychology, specializing and registered in Sport Psychology and Hypnosis
  • Experienced in Sport Psychology and Motivation
  • Internship on Counseling Special Needs and Disabilities
  • 27 years of training in Martial Arts
  • 5th degree black belt Dan

Paula Henry, RN

  • Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN)
  • Master’s in Business (MBA)
  • 10 years martial art training
  • Mother of a special needs child